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Antec 900 results with e8400 @4.0-4.5ghz coming from high end air cooler


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Just wanted to give my results, just installed the h50 last night. I had a high end air cooler with a e8400 and at 4.0ghz in occt I was hitting 62c-65c and in burn test I was hitting 72c-75c this is in an ******** 900. I installed the h50 in the push pull config with the rear as an intake like the directions state. I have the side fan as an exhaust and the top fan as an exhaust with the two front intake fans. I was very pleased with the results coming from a high end air cooler. The occt temps went from 62c-65c to 50c-55c and the burn test temps went from 72c-75c to 65c. So a average drop of 10c over my high end air cooler in all the same test conditions. I am very happy for $49 you can beat it. Very quiet as well!! A+++ Ahh almost forgot at 4.5ghz it runs at the same temp as it used to at 4.0ghz on air.
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