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h50 temporary mounting solution. acceptable?


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Hello, it is about a week after my first build ever and I am loving Corsair's products, absolutely great.


When installing the H50 in my case, I soon discovered the radiator blocked access to the first pci-e slot (blue) on my motherboard. The back of the graphics card was scraping the bottom of the radiator. So I installed my graphics card into the second pic-e slot (white). However, even though on the motherboard the white slot is labeled PCI-E x16_2, the card was only running at 8x speed. Checked the motherboard manual and it said to install single GPU's in the blue, top pci-e slot. So I unmounted the H50 radiator, moved the card and it now looks like this:




As a temporary fix to make the H50 radiator fit, I installed it like this:






The top screw holes of the radiator are screwed into the bottom holes of the upper fan at the back of my case. But you can see that from the pictures.


I have a push-pull set up as intake on the radiator. However having it mounted off-set on the fan has increased my temperatures by a few degrees.


It gave me the room I needed but it doesn't look very good and isn't performing as well. I have searched all over the internet and have not found a single person with this problem, which is surprising. Can I leave the H50 mounted this way or is there another solution?

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No, MI-Tazz, on this case the h50 cannot be installed on the upper exhaust fan. The top of the case is too close and the radiator cannot reach the screw holes of the fan properly. I'm going to play with it tomorrow and see if there's another way. Still open to suggestions.


I also tried twisting the radiator 90 degrees so the hangover would be horizontal instead of vertical, with the tubes coming off the left side of the radiator, but then my side panel wouldn't fit properly.

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