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Does the new PA120.3 fit perfectly in the roof of the 800D


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Hi guys first post here and am glad to say I have just purchased an 800D and am absolutely over the moon with it.


The case is made with such quality and attention to detail, well done Corsair.


I did quite a lot of research before I bought the case however it seems not enough as I didnt realise that Thermochill had changed their fan spacing on the 120.3's from 25mm to 15mm (I hear 15mm is standard in all rad's now)


So needless to say the rad does not match up with the pre-drilled holes in the roof of the 800D and I dont particularly want to mod the case.


My question is; does anybody know if the new 120.3's (15mm spacing) match up with all the 12 pre-drilled holes in the roof of the 800D?


If so is it fair to say all 120mm triple rad's will fit that have 15mm spacing?

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