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Warranty Question about PSU in INDIA


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I purchased TX750 in March 2009, Got problem that With it my system won't boot Means not even POST,


I tested with another PSU and my system is up and running. So I want to send the PSU for RMA


As I told I am from india, I searched in google and come across this dated December 3rd, 2009 --> http://www.ciol.com/Channel-News/News-Reports/Corsair-announces-Upcountry-Direct-warranty-service-prgm/31209128566/0/


If that is correct then I have to get RMA number then send to Bengaluru. Is that is right or I have to send Taiwan(I think this is nearest Corsair RMA to India). Or should I send through my seller.


Please give me some info regarding this. Thank you.


EDIT: (Some more information)

The warrenty is also offered by kaizen infoserve --> http://www.kaizeninfoserve.com/news.htm


It is from New Delhi I heard.




Nearest location to my place is Lucknow. If this is true I can send and get it back with out any problem.

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