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Strange Failed POST w/ EVGA 780i FTW and 2 kits of TWIN2X4906-6400C5DHX


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Here is the link to the thread about compatibility for my board: http://www.corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=393384


I have 2 kits of the ram mentioned in title its either c4 or c5 i can check if needed.


I used my board for over a year just fine with one kit in. I decided to get another kit and bump up to 8 gigs as i run vm's. I will get straight to the details.


Each stick works individually to boot the system.

Each stick works in any slot on the motherboard individually.

Any 3 module combination works in any 3 slots.

As soon as the 4th module is inserted I get memory post code or c0, 18, 10, 02. One of those depending on my memory config in bios.


I have tried raising the voltage on my memory to 2.0.

I have raised the voltage on my NB, SB, and MCP by .2.

I have played with timings from default 5 5 5 18 2t to looser like 5 6 5 18, 5 6 7 18, 5 4 6 18, etc.

I have tried in combination with the last step setting the clock to 667 from 800.


I do not know what else to try and I am desperate to get this working, hopefully without sacrificing clock speed.


Any help is greatly appreciated, I can give you as much info as needed.


Thanks in advance,




*EDIT: If this gets no responses for a few days straight do I have permission to post it in Memory compatibility section?

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