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New powersupply chirping?


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Just got in the new power supply (550vx) after my 400cx failed and I immediately put my ear to the PSU once I plugged it in. Surely enough it was making small sounds :mad:


something like chu chu chirp. I wouldn't hear it if I didnt try to listen so I am wondering if this is in anyway normal. Have any of you heard anything from your PSU from just plugging it in (with its power switch off)


Btw it works. I have powered on the system but I have no GPU as yet to see post and BIOS voltages but after making the "no GPU" beeps a final beep is heard which I think signifies that the system is posting. I'd like to know if its ok to continue using the PSU, and if not what other hobby may I pick up besides PCs because I'd be done with this crap!


Btw, I am in Jamaica. RMA is not an easy thing to do here.

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