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TX650W and HD4890 Crossfire


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Hi all, hope you all had a good new year!


Can any-one tell me if my 650 tx will be able to run 2 hd4890 in crossfire and will it support my future upgrade for a i5 cpu?


I currently have a e5200 and may push this to 3ghz-3.5ghz, i also run 2 hd`s and a few 120mm case fans.


I kind of guess that at full load for all of the above i will be pushing 500w, is this about right?


Many thanks Tel.

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Thanks for your reply Dougal. I am not sure what your 9800gtx`s would consume power wise but it cant be far off a hd4890, i have seen reviews for the hd4890 in xfire and they consume upto 500w (total system usage) so that leaves a headroom of 150w, so based on that i should be fine?


Thanks again, Teejay.

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