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Asus P5K and 2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-6400C4


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I have been running this board fine with one set of this ram for sometime. One of the modules just went bad and fails in memtest so I am getting it replaced under warranty. In the meantime I bought an extra set so that my PC isn't out of action but neither of the new modules will even post.


There are no beeps and I get no signal from the graphics card. After a few seconds the PC powers itself off.


I have tried using the old working module to reset the bios settings, update the bios to the latest version, both auto and manual settings, manual voltages for both memory and NB, changing FSB, setting memory speed down to 600MHz. I've also removed the battery to reset the bios fully.


It seems odd that both modules would be DOA, is this a compatibility problem?


The old modules are v2.1 double sided 16chips

The new modules are v6.3 single sided 8chips


Apart from that the model number and all the timings are the same.


Any ideas?

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I had exactly the same problem with the 4GB equivalent twin DIMMs i.e. both DIMMs dead on arrival (which should be very, very rare). I've returned them to the UK supplier, having got no suggestions following my post on here:-

- http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=83968


Just as a long shot, your reference to v2.1 & v6.3, I assume are version numbers, and not voltages, as Corsair lists the voltages of your new DIMMs as 2.1V to get to the C4 speed. Of course they should boot with Bios defaults loaded in any case, though at the lower C5 default auto settings (1.8V I think). Like mine, they don't.

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