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FIRST: although a good general article (blog), DO NOT TRUST THAT WIN 7 WILL RECOGNIZE YOUR CORSAIR (P128 in my case) SSD & AUTOMATICALLY DISABLE SERVICES CAUSING EXCESSIVE WRITES TO YOUR BOOT DRIVE! I'm not the only post to note that disk defrag, "superfetch," Windows search etc. were NOT disabled by the OS without manual intervention.

SECOND: an EXCELLENT post by Davyc entitled "Windows 7 Tips & Tweaks" walks you through various tweaks to prevent excessive writes to your SSD in the 1st place--if not obvious, please keep in mind that any such tweak using "User" settings have to be applied for each separate user account, as opposed to "global" changes. With more than a little uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of (Beta) TRIM for the P series (with a clean wipe firmware upgrade) & Samsung "self-healing," I don't see a downside to moving write-intensive functions to a mechanical drive to prevent processes that degrade sustained-write performance--& I've not noticed any performance loss in the process.

If anyone has further suggestions for moving more write-intensive functions off the Corsair SSD, it would be greatly appreciated (couldn't get the supplementary post for Firefox moving of temp/cache files to work).

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