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H50 New Build, nagging question


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Hello, sorry I have no system specs because this will be a new build and I haven't picked everything out yet, but pretty sure I'm going with H50 for CPU cooling. So far the build consists of:

MSi P55-GD65 and i5 750, Corsair RAM of course.


In the video of how to install the H50, the fan is plugged into the CPU fan header. The pump is plugged into a header on the EVGA mobo in the video. I can't see from the video whether the header on the mobo is 4 pin or 3. But I'm almost certain there are no 4 pin fan headers on the MSi board I plan to use, sans the CPU fan header. And pictures of the H50 on Newegg's site show the pump wire having a 3 pin connector and if it indeed does, then ignore my questions and this thread. However I saw some other pictures (sorry, can't remember where) depicting the pump wire as 4 pin.


So my questions are: Is the pump lead connector really 3 or 4 pin? If 4 pin, can the 4 pin connector on the pump wire be plugged into a 3 pin mobo fan header? If so, will it be obvious how to plug it in? Will it only go one way? Which pin is left unconnected?


Thanks for any help and if I have missed where my questions have been answered previously (although I've read the FAQs and many threads) I apologize.



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The pump power cable is a 3 pin connector plug it in to either the motherboard or better still a seperate power connection from your psu ( it has to run at full speed).


The fan header/connector is a 4 pin pwn that needs to be plugged directly to the cpu fan header on your motherboard, which can run at full speed or let your bios control the speed of the fan.


Hope this helps

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