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when trim start to work

Lord Farken

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ok now I getting confused ,I though that all you need is to update firmware to get trim support ,now It look like you got to change some system settings to make sure it going to work

like this post

It "seems" we have to enable ACPI 2.0 and have the sleep state to S1 for TRIM to work.


The ACPI 2.0 is most of the time disabled on ASUS motherboard so check.


And TRIM do not seem to work the way I thought it work so my drive may be ok after all.

so why is this and if enable this what activate trim ,windows go to sleep ,windows is on ide?

and anyways what the hell is trim what it do for the ssd:eek:

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I just got those infos from another forum.

The only thing imo that make sense with this, is the ACPI2.0 option because windows can know the current status of the drive (power management side).


okay i got those settings in the bios to s1 but how windows start trim, what trigger it?

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