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CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 settings - need some advice...

Liquid Cool

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Hello Folks...


First of all, Happy New Year! :biggrin:


Now...onto my little problem.


Here are the component's:


DFI MI-P55-T36 LanParty

Intel i5-750

Corsair CMD4GX3M2A1600C8(2x2 gb kit)

XFX HD5770

Corsair XH 520

LG DVD Optical Drive

Intel SSD 80gb G2


Just want someone to look over my shoulder here and tell me if these CPU-Z snapshot's appear normal or not...and perhaps tell me what to do if they're off.


Admittedly, since moving to i5(and i7) I've been at a complete loss on how to set these darn things up without getting confused...I spent the morning trying to review how the different clock ratios, fsb:dram ratios etc...effect each other, but it turned my brain to mush.


I'm not looking to overclock the board, I'm just looking for the proper settings to either a) run it in 1333mhz at the proper ratio, or b) run it in 1600mhz if the motherboard/ram is capable.


I haven't done any testing because the cpu appears to be overclocked when I enable XMP and I'm not sure whether I should risk straining the system any further or not...Although, under general usage...the system has been rock stable where it sits.


Can someone take a peek here and give me their opinion.




Liquid Cool


With everything set at auto in Bios...fail-safe loaded.




With XMP enabled:



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