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Need help installing H50 (Especially Paste Application)


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So I'm new to the whole heatsink install game. I've seen videos on how to apply thermal paste. Mounting the heatsink is actually the easiest part. It looked easy so I decided to scrape off the stock Corsair paste and add my own Arctic MX-3. I dunno but I just can't do it right. I feel like an idiot now for not just sticking with what was on the cooler. My stock (2.66 Ghz) idle temp is 36 on average. When overclocked to 4 Ghz the idle temp is about 49. I can play my favorite stress testing game but as soon as i try Prime 95 or Orthos I get a BSOD within a minute. I've kept re seating the cooler and re applying paste but it isn't working to keep cool.



I'm running a Enermax 1000 RPM fan that puts out 46 Cfm with the Corsair included fan that is supposed to put out 50 CFM. They're in push pull on the rad. I bought the fan because it pushes alot of air according to specs and it's inaudible. Should I have gotten a different one? I was also looking at the Scythe S-Flex.



I think my paste application may be a problem so I've included the best pictures of my CPU i could take.





If I applied it incorrectly how should I apply it?



Thanks for the help and Happy New Year everyone!

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When applying the thermal paste, you want it in the middle since the important part of the CPU is in the middle, the sides of the CPU is not that important so there is no need to spread it out


what i did was make a pea sized ball in the center

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look at page 4 for ideas, you may want to spread it about 1/2 the thickness of a sheet of paper but only in the center inch, the cooler will spread it the rest of the way.



thermal paste was never meant to be as thick as a TIM, its merely to fill any voids between the two surfaces while maintaining a high thermal conductivity.

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synthohols link from arctic silver is right, u want a line across the width, not a pea in the middle.


are you saying that you believe that your BSOD is a consequence of poor contact between cpu and h50?


i would say thats a less likely scenario than the overclock not being stable.


what was the last temperature that you saw before the pc BSOD'd?

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Gotta be an unstable OC because if the bios reports a overheated CPU the M/B will shut down, no BSOD.................... just shut down.

The best way ive personally found to apply tim is to wear a vinyl glove so as not to contaminate the tim with body oils then.... very carefully spread the tim paper thin across the CPU, id DO mean as thin as poss. Then install cooler. Ive never had a prob this way, no oozing out around the edges etc....from the pic there is enough tim applied to do at least 4 CPUs................................

One other thing, check your CPU with a razerblade edge held with a lightsource behind it to see how flat your CPU is. If it isnt flat its going to run warmer no matter what you do as the tim will be different thicknesses across it unless the CPU is lapped flat. OCing just makes heat generation probs worse also obviously in this case also.

Too much tim is almost as bad as no tim................................You really should check the CPU flatness first so that you know how much tim is needed. If its flat a very thin covering about paper thin is all thats needed, just want to fill in microscopic scratches on the cooler & CPU if your lucky enough to have a flat CPU. Otherwise the CPU will have valleys if its not flat & the tim will have to be applied a bit too thick. Counterproductive to heat transfer big time.

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yeah but at the end of the day every chip is different some will go to 4.5 ghz, others will struggle to get above 3.8.


haven't lapped it myself.


i know that lapping the h50 will not invalidate the warranty.


here is a good post i found about i7 + h50 both lapped.




looks like a 5C improvement.

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