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Fauly Psu HX 1000? Please help


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Hello, I got these stutters in crysis wars where i have lets say 55 frames per second and in a moment the screen freezes and display in 2 - 1 frames per second.


Is this a faulty psu I have?


Everything is latest drivers


Voltages in PC wizard 2010 are strange the



+3.3V Voltage displays 3.26 V

+5V Voltage displays 6.12 V

+12 voltage displays 11.35 V


Can someone try this program for me with a Hx 1000 powersupply to se if you have a similar reading as I ?



Btw, voltages in bios are



+3.3V Voltage displays 3.264 V

+5V Voltage displays 5.070 V

+12 voltage displays 12.137 V

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I think you better you Multimeter to test it.


why make you think is because of the PSU issue? if the psu faulty or not enough power it normally will reboot or suddenly off.


and what VGA card or how many VGA you have inside your system? please list out so others peoples will help you up easy.

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