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HX1000 AMP usage


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I built a rack mount server (4U) using for the PSU - Corsair's HX1000W, which seems to be a formidable PSU (modular, quiet, etc).


The internet colocation service company I plan to use is asking me for the AMP used by the server, in looking at Corsair's web page, the specs for the HX1000 list the Amp's at 13A, but according the colocation provider 13A exceeds their rack capacity, they suggest that the amperage consumption should be much lower.


The server specs are:


* Intel Xeon 5520 (Single proc)

* SuperMicro X8DAi (Dual proc capable, but I am using a single slot)

* 12GB Ram

* 4-640GB WD SATA II Hard Drives

* Single VGA card (low end)

* NIC (built in the mobo)

* Sound Board (built in the mobo)

* Windows Sever 2003

* SQL Server 2005

* PSU HX1000W



My novice thinking is, since I am using a single CPU I am gathering that I am using 500 watts, which at a 120v should yield 4.16 amps.


The question: How can I accurately tell the actual PSU AMP usage?




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Another option to gauge the amp consumption than the Kilawatt, would be to use a meter with a clamp on over the insulation of the wire that carries the power ( similar to this image http://www.applianceaid.com/images/ampmeterhowto.JPG )


But before I go on and exchange the PSU, I got thinking, changing the PSU would seem a moot point since the PSU does not draw the amp, but the actual components. So with that in mind (and please correct me if I am wrong) but if my Xeon Quad core server draws 1.35 amps with the HX1000 watt PSU, well in theory then, if I exchange the PSU for a 500 watt then my Xeon Quad core server would still draw 1.35 amps since no other components were changed, correct?


I reckon if I need to be under 2 amps I will need to modify other components (CPU, Ram, HD, Graphics, etc)



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I would suspect that your estimation is fairly accurate. The PSU may be able to provide 13A, but your system would have to demand it. Most systems will not get anywhere close to using the full 13A which the PSU can supply.
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