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Switch to 32KB allocation

Randy Myers

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Can some one please assist in this.


I have an image that was created using Windows 7 backup (I can re-create if needed, no problem).


Currently my drive is formated using 4kb allocation and I hear that 32kb will improve performance a lot.


Trying to figure best method of achieving this result.


Is my thinking correct here?


1) boot from GParted CD and clean the drive.

2) boot from Win 7 DVD and format the drive using 32kb (is this even possible?)

3) boot from restore DVD and restore the system (will this change the formating back to 4kb?).

4) if this will not work will some one please give me a step by step directions on how to get my drive formated in 32kb allocation and install Windows 7 as the boot drive? I would prefer to use my existing backup image but if this is not possible how would I proceed for the future?


Some one please give me exacting advise here because I feel my drive is not giving me close to the performance that it can achieve.


I just read in another thread something about Windows not installing ona drive if the allocation is above 4Kb. Is this true, and if so then my boot drive can only be 4 kb and then larger allocation would be useful for other drives only.

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If you are not having performance problems I would not suggest it.

But if you do it would be best to use another HDD and image the drive to another HDD and then use Parted magic or Gparted (parted magic is much easier to use though) to erase the drive then use the other HDD to boot the system and format with the SSD as a second HDD then quick format it with 32K allocation then test it with ATTO to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and Image it back with Acronis Disk Image.

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