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Is there a way to set my CM2X2048-8500C5C to run @ 533Mhz?


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533Mhz is what it is supposed to run at in the first place anyways.

I googled around and people say I would need to manually configure it to run it in that speed.

However, I have another pair of RAM that only runs at 400Mhz.

Would it still be possible to get the 8500C5C to run @533Mhz and my other pair @400Mhz?

If so, how?

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mixing ram especially of different speeds is just asking for trouble.

plus its not supported at all.

that would be like the front tires spinning at 53mph and the rear tires at 40.cant be done.


Actualy if you have different sized tires the taller of the 2 will spin slower than the smaller ones ;)

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not at all with another mismatched pair. mixing ram of different speeds = trouble. the other pair would be at 766mhz, you cant do one set without the other. if anything, the 1066 pair would be downgraded to 800 and the set would likely be totally unstable.

just use the ddr1066 in the PC and use the ddr800 as bookmarks. safest bet.

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