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Ram Suggestions Please


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Hi All;


***WARNING....I am a PC IGNORAMUS...So forgive any dumb comments***


Looking for a suggestion as to which of Corsair's ram would be best for me to purchase....From suggestions elsewhere as to customer service, it looks like this new build will end up being an almost exclussive Corsair & EVGA build.


Having taken the first step and already purchased a new PSU (HX1000), I'm getting close to placing the big order for the balance of the parts to go into an An*ec 1080 SOHO server case I have dramatically modified for cooling (54-62F intake temps due to a dedicated geothermal loop sealed intake). Yet am still waffling over ram so need advice.



1. Longevity....My last build (an Intel AGP MB & P4, MS XP Home 32bit combination) has served me very well since 2003...Naturally on the verge of 2010 it is struggling....However it sets the standard for longevity as I've little interest in upgrading annually, so want the system to last.

2. Stability....Crashes and the like I don't deal with well, so I'm looking for a stable system yet considering the longevity issue will try finding that balance of performance where it is pushed to just before you start having problems.

3. Overclocking....I have NO experience with this, yet on this system may try my hand at it though once again considering the Longevity and Stability Criteria above.


Proposed System:

*Corsair HX1000 PSU (CMPSU-1000HX)

*EVGA P55 FTW SLI (132-LF-E657-KR LGA1156 Intel P55 ATX)

*Intel Core I7 860 (BX80605I7860)

*Corsair H50 CPU Cooler (CWCH50) **Wish to mount the radiator outside the case, will have (2) fans (push/pull) with intake side filtered

*MS Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (FQC-00765) **Will have a second drive with current XP system and all software on it due to 32bit issues

*EVGA GPU **Undetermined at this time, will be a single card for the moment

*Western Digital Caviar Black HDDs (will run 3-6 seperate drives, simply how I organize things)

*All intake(4 & filtered) and exhaust(3+1 oversized for negative pressure) system fans except CPU/RAM/GPU are run off a seperate (second) external PSU.


***Corsair Ram 4x2Gb sticks (8Gb total)....It's my understanding that the Dual Channel 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) will be my best choice.............So with that in mind, I'm wondering if the Dominator GT or Dominator ram will be my best choice (naturally with the lowest timings)


Advice as to ram would be appreciated, thanks!



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As per the rules that you were directed to upon creating an account, please do not go around the forum filter.


The H50 radiator can only be mounted outside of the case if you cut into the case, as the pump / tubes / radiator are pre-assembled and not meant to come apart.


As per the Core i7 memory page on Corsair's website, your choices are:





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Thanks for the response (and looking over my post understand what you're saying about the forum filter)......As to the H50, cutting the case is not an issue as it has already been done a couple times (once to improve airflow over the backside of the MB at the CPU), and to improve/direct airflow.


Thanks for the link, yet was hoping for a more specific response based on the criteria between the standard Dominator and Dominator GT naturally with the lowest timings for either.


Thanks again,



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