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Dual Channel , but different serial number

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Hello .

I have corsair with this part number : TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX

my RAMs damaged , and I toke them to warranty center , they told me that one of my modules is broken down . they replaced only corruped module and gave me a module with different serial number , but same ver , same voltage.


My question is :

Does that (different serial number) cuase any problem for dual channel mode ?

May those modules have differect ICs ?




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That memory's not sold per stick. Why they replaced them that way I have no idea.


They should have the same IC, however considering they were made 3 months apart there's no way to guarantee they'll work together. Memtest 86+ v4.0 is a good start though. Personally I'd go back and get both sticks replaced as a set to ensure you get a matched pair.

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