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Which of the two Dominator-GT RAM modules should I choose?

Mr. Boyle

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I'm building a new Core i7 system from scratch. First I of course need some money but they are on the way.


Any way I have found two Corsair RAM modules but which one should I choose? These TR3X6G2000C8GTF or these CMG6GX3M3A1866C7.


The motherboard will be a Asus P6T7 ws supercomputer.


I've just read that RAM modules with ECC like the TR3X6G2000C8GTF will do that I loose some nanoseconds of speed. As far as I understand it these

TR3X6G2000C8GTF are ECC RAM modules, wright?


But shoud I then go for the other set of RAM instead? Even though my MB is a high performance MB?


Buttom line is: which is the best of the two sets for my MB of choise?


Sorry for my poore english but I'm danish and i'm hope that you'll understand the meaning of what i'm writting.

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