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Stability issue with 2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-6400C5 and Asus P5Q SE2


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I cannot run memtest without errors with any more ram then 1 stick.

Ive tried swapping all 4 memory sticks around to check if some memory is failing but with no success.

When i use 1 memory stick (does not matter which one) i get no errors in memtest. but with anything else then 1 stick, i get errors.


Worth mention aswell: when i try installing windows7, the install is extremely slow, it can take up to 10min before first screen pops up after loaded the cd.


Also when i get a BSOD , the memory dump takes ages. I mean really.. it takes approx 10min for the dump to count from 0% to 100% before it restarts...


Any ideas?



EDIT: I get same issue in windows 7 x32 aswell so it has nothing to do with that i think...


I had stability issues with alot of random bluescreens when the memory voltage was set to auto which according to CPU-Z said to be 1.8v, so i changed it in bios to Manual and set it to 1.9v, but CPU-Z still reads 1.8v.. But the issue seems to have almost disappear... But sometimes bluescreens can occur at random situations so problem not solved..

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