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Random BSOD TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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To celebrate the launch of Windows 7 I decided to replace my existing Corsair DDR800s with the Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D.


Within a week a started to get random BSOD. The fact that it was random made me, initially, think it was the RAM.


I had not installed the supplied memory fan so I put that on thinking it could be heat. Not only did that fail to cure the problem, the fan also started squealing horribly after a week so I removed it again.


I ran memtest, after discovering this forum, & found no errors. I tried the pair at speeds of 1066 & 800 & I also tried each stick individually at both speeds.


I ensured the memory voltage was set to 2.1v & manually set CAS to 5-5-5-15 although the Bios declare them at 5-5-5-18.


I upgraded the Motherboard Bios & tried the memory in different slots.


In the end I re-installed Windows 7 & the problems went away… for a week.


The BSOD can happen during any operation & even when the system is idle. Once it starts to BSOD it will do so repeatedly with different error messages. It is almost impossible to get it going again.


However, once you do, the errors may disappear for a day or a week.


Finally I put my old Corsair sticks back in & the system is rock solid.


My retailer will not replace the memory because I no longer have the packaging/receipt.


I am at my wits end & can’t help but think I have missed something obvious. I am competent but not technical. Is it just that my system cannot handle this RAM?


Any suggestions?

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Thank you for the prompt reply folks.


The memory pair is TWIN2X4096-8500C5D. They're not sold as individual sticks. That's why you didn't see it in the configurator.


You are right they were bought as a set; sorry I just read the code straight off the side of the stick.



Since you are OCing the memory controller, you need to raise the memory controller voltage. Try 1-3 steps above stock.


It failed on 2.2v & 2.3v now I'm on 2.4v. I don't ever overclock, won't this burn out the memory?

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Don't go above 2.1v for the memory.


Why the large font?


Thanks; it's a good job you back to me on that quick then. By Memory Controller Voltage, do you mean the Northbridge Voltage?


The large font is because I work with the visually impaired & its habit.

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I tried upping the memory controller voltage in increments. Eventually I arrived at 1.18v but there is still no improvement in stability.


The bios has a whole raft of other DRAM settings:


Static read control

Read Training

OC Charger

AI Clock Twister

AI Transaction Booster

Clock Skew


All of the above are set to automatic, would any of these be useful?


I notice another member is having the same problems with identical RAM & Motherboard (http://forum.corsair.com/v2/showthread.php?t=83915) could there just be an issue between this RAM & Board? I accept that it could, of course, be coincidental.


Thanks in advance & Happy New Year.

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Just so that there is a solution to this problem somewhere for people to find:


After trying all the suggestions posted on this & many other forums I went back to the drawing board.


Something Yellowbeard had said, that did not click straight away, & that was I am effectivly Overclocking my memory. So I started looking at Overclocking forums for my board.


It seemed that people had favourite Bios versions, they used, which made no sense to me as I always assumed latest was best. Wrong!


My Bios version was 2301, the last one from Asus. So I decided to flash to an older version that had been modded, by someone, for better memory compatability.


I thought I might as well just work backwards & picked a modded version of 2005. I have no real idea whether the vanilla version of 2005 might also work.


First time lucky I guess; it seems to have worked & I have had no more Blue Screens since I did it. 5 Days & counting.


The only adjustment I made to the bios after flashing was the memory voltage to 2.1.


Hope this helps.

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