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Memory Settings Please Help


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Hi, Sorry to some for what may be a simple question, But please could someone talk me through setting up my Memory Modules correctly on my Asus Crosshair lll using TW3X4G1600C9DHX

Just want to set them so they work as best they can, as auto settings running slow and not sure exactly how or what to change in Bios to make them work better.



Remember it is the season of goodwill to all dumb Computer Newbies ;):


Thanks for any help Guys

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Install the memory modules at the blue slots,

start you machine and at the post screen press DEL to enter SETUP screen, navigate at the Extreme Tweaker Menu,

select Manual for the AI Overclock Tuner,

select 1600MHZ for DRAM Frequency,

enter DRAM Timing/Driving Config and manually set the following parameters:





Exit the DRAM Timing/Driving Config submenu and navigate to DRAM Voltage option, set it at 1.8v manually and press enter,

Now from the same Extreme Tweaker Menu navigate to the spread spectrum options, PCI Express and CPU spread spectrum, disable them both.

Now you're ready to leave the Extreme Tweaker Menu,

go to Exit Menu, select Exit & save changes.

Your machine will restart, see how it goes.

Also check if you have the latest bios version for your board, if not update to the latest bios version and try again.

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