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HX1000W Problem?


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Built a new system around June 2009 and everything has worked fine until recently.


I noticed my Thermaltake case fan that spins (with lights & message) is suddenly weak and won't spin fast enough to display all the lights. At times it does spin enough but mostly it's barely running.


Obvious problem with power I think.


I ran the CPUID PC Wizard and it shows the +12volt reading to be 0.71v. Gotta be PSU, right?

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I ran the same CPU ID PC Wizard 2009 on 4 different machines. All readings are correct except for the machine that's powered by the HX1000W PSU. The system runs all day long and while I play games. Haven't noticed anything except for the fans that barely run.


Definitely something going on. I haven't put a multi meter to it yet because I absolutely DREAD pulling all those cables apart and ruining my superb cable-management job...but alas...it must be done. I've finally shut the system down after seeing this reading because I don't want it to damage my motherboard or my $529 video card or other high-end gear I have inside of there.


You think this could be a motherboard issue or PSU? I'm still thinking PSU...

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