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Random BSOD w/ TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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With both sticks in I get a random Crash to a VERY brief BSOD. So brief i can't see what the error is, only that it's different every time.


I ran memtest after one of these BSODs, and failed the ram on the first pass.

When I tried testing the Sticks separately I was able to make a few passes on each without failure. After a day without a BS I ran MemTest again on both sticks for 2 passes and showed no failure. I've manually adjusted Voltage to match the specs on the ram, as well as timing and clock speed.


It was a minor problem since I put this system together, but since Ive Upgraded my Graphics card its been doing it constantly. It will seem to run fine for some time. 8-9 hours into the day it will usually crash, and until I change the ram configuration or let the computer sit for a few hours. It will keep crashing right after Windows Boots up.


For awhile it seemed as though cold boot up was fine. After running the PC for a day it would crash, and be unstable until I either left it off for a few hours or changed the RAM configuration. However this morning I couldn't get windows to boot without pulling one of the sticks. So i ran memtest again on both of them. On the first pass in the first test they showed tons of errorrs.


Right now I have only one stick in. Either or by them selves seem to run fine. But if I have both in there in any compatible configuration the pc will randomly crash.



???:confused:??? Im lost.

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They all pass, and I don't know why the post says TWIN2X4096-8500C5D because those are not the sticks i have nor is it the part # I typed in when I created this post.


I did exactly as you suggested, I ran the test 4 passes with only one stick then moved it down the slots and continued testing. I did this with both sticks.


However when i put them both in they fail. UNLESS i take them both out and leave the computer off for a little while. I put them back in and they test out with no errors the computer runs fine almost all day, until it crashes.... then its back to the same old random crashing.


I did some digging and as it turns out this is a problem that quite a few people have experience with the PC8500 sticks. Not sure where to go from here. I could RMA this set for another, but from what Ive read I'm likely to run into the same problem in a few months.

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The settings are all correct in the bios to match whats on the ram. However CPUZ tells me the ram is only running at 533 mghz. Is that per Channel? Which would put me at 1066 per stick? When it comes to these numbers i don't understand them well. The MB runs at 1066 what should i be using for ram?

The ram i have in there now was recommended by asus. Why would either or fail? Asus is going to RMA the board, and Corsair will RMA the Ram.... What should i have for settings to prevent this from happening again? I don't think it was just a fluke. I think the MB and ram ate themselves alive. I left everything on auto when i put this PC together because it was the ram asus suggested. Didn't think it needed to be Tooled with.


its possible that if the voltage wasn't set right I could have Fried the SB, but once again... shouldn't have been something i needed to mess with. If the ram will run at 2.1v where should the SB be? And how do i find out where its at? I believe the stock setting is 1.10v.

Thanks for your help so far.

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Ok so I did a little more research on the #'s they make better sense. Thanks yellow beard.


The only problem I still have is that For some reason Either my NB(memory controller if Im not mistaken), or Ram has gone bad for some reason. They are both less then a year old. It just so happens to be the VERY same problem many others have experienced with Other MB's using this same ram. Asus Recommended I use this ram, and Corsair Supports this board. There is no good reason for this failure. I am going to RMA both components. What can i do to assure this doesn't happen again? Because once again according to MANY other reports Ive read its most likely a RAM problem, and getting them replaced only solved the issue for a few months.


It seems as though there is some sort of incompatibility between these two "Compatible" components that may be what has caused this failure. Ive already asked Asus if they have any ideas. I'm just trying to get at this from both ends.


Aside from making sure that my MB is running the ram at its rated capacity, should I need to goof with NB voltage or settings? What should i see for voltage on the NB, and is there a program i can use to check this? Aside from that I really don't know what else to do other than replace everything and hope it doesn't happen again.


Thanks again.

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Sounds like your memory controller / south bridge is malfunctioning / overheating.




I agree with Wired, it definitely sounds like a heat issue.

You said the condition got worse after you upgraded the video card. What did you have before? Was it smaller in size by any chance?

If you haven't already RMA'ed the mb and memory, you can try something I do when I suspect a heat issue on a system I'm working on. I have a 160mm 2 speed table top fan that works great for this.

Make sure there is plenty room around your computer. If possible, on top of a desk or table would be great. Now remove the case side panel and point the fan at the heat sink below the ram. Put the fan about 6 inches form the case. Now use the computer as you would normally and see if it runs more than 8 or 9 hours before it crashes. If it does, it may just be a loose heat sink. Remove it, clean it and the chip on the mb, reapply thermal compound and reattach the sink. Turn the computer on and use the computer as you would normally but without the external fan.


Good luck

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I have tried all these suggestions, & many more, for exactly the same problem with the same equipment. I also suspected heat (because the removal of the side & RAM caused it to clear for a while) & even bought extra cooling. However, in the end, nothing worked.


However I have now come across the solution (well it solved mine at least).


My Motherboard Bios had been updated to version 2301, I decided to flash the board with an older, modified, Bios that I found on a forum.


It worked, the motherboard sets up the memory correctly & the only thing I altered was the memory voltage to 2.1v. No more Blue Screens; 5 days & counting.


It would seem that the latest bios version for my board (Asus P5Q Deluxe) is rubbish.


Hope this helps

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OK, so ASUS RMA'd the board. I reinstalled everything, and today i came home to a dead computer. Same problem. I double checked all of the settings. running memtest resulted in 4000 errors within 4% of the first pass.


Reinstalled windows when i put in the new board. Before i installed the board i pulled the heat-sinks off the chip-set and cleaned everything, and applied new thermal paste. Running these two sticks at rated specs causes BSOD's and replacing the board didn't help.


Time to RMA.

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