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Replacement TX950W Freezes In Games


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I have been trying to find out why two TX950W's have not worked in my system so far. Like you, one of them didn't really boot at all and the other had issues with 3D acceleration.


I have found several other posts/threads with people having similar issues:





One thing that sticks out is that it seems we are all running Asus motherboards!


Is it possible Asus is doing something unique with their motherboards that the TX950W doesn't like? Load-Line Calibration maybe?

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Good observation! If there is indeed a compatibility problem with Asus motherboards, it would be pointless to keep getting replacements. Perhaps there is something we can do with the BIOS settings? I notice that whenever my video card does some work in the 3D department, the PSU makes some strange buzzing noises.
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