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64GB Extreme Series SSD Frozen --> Not recognized by BIOS


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I'm upgrading my Dell XPS 720 to Win 7 64-bit to access the 8GB RAM installed and decided to install the OS on a new Corsair SSD Extreme 64GB.


On installation it first recognized the SSD and after copying files it froze at 6% in expanding files. Then on a reboot froze again at 6%, and then again at 9%.


This time I tried a different copy of Win 7 64-bit (final beta version) and it simply didn't recognize the SSD. (Is it corrupt?)


Then ran the old Win 7 32-bit version and tried to access the SSD and it didn't show up. Have tried using SATA cables from other drives in the system however it fails to get recognized.



And suggestions would be really appreciated as I really want to install win 7 64bit on the SSD. Ordinarily I'd change the drive, however that challenging for me to replace the drive by getting a return authoization and mailing it in as I am in a country where there is no Corsair dealer network or wholesaler. It also cannot be returned to the merchant.

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