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any voltage draw makes noise


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I have an HX620 with Gigabyte GA-P55UD4 mobo and I5 750 CPU. Memory is Corsair GT dominator for i5 at 1600MHz. At first I used a Zalman 460 Watt PSU and NVidia 7800GT from an older build, and all was fine. But I needed that PSu for another PC and bought a HX620. That would also give me more headroom when upgrading video cards. From the moment I changed PSU's I had problems with whining when moving the mouse, opening & closing windows, etc. ...I read in some forums that the combinations between PSU and video cards could be at play here, but no improvement whatsoever when changing to a MSI HD 5770. The only thing that helps is lowering the USB polling rate of my Logitech G5 mouse from 500 /s to 250 /s. That diminishes the noise when moving the mouse around, but does not help on other actions like pushing buttons, opening windows, etc. .. Basically any change in power draw on the PSU causes this noise (ATITool causes it too, by rather by dimishing the sound in my case). I do NOT want to change power management states, that's one of the good features of the I5! RMA does not seem to be an option, just to obtain a unit with the same flaw. Suggestions?

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