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I was directed to this thread to see if it could help in solving my problem with a Crosshair III Formula MB and the CMG6GX3M3A1600C7.

After reading i'm still not sure they should work, or not. I read on the MB manual that it only accepts configurations of 1, 2 or 4 modules; therefore i tried with just 2 or 1 but still nothing.

I've also tried the memok! button with either 3/2/1 modules but after 18 cycles of tuning it still doesn't start.

Can you please help me to sort this out?


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A: Yes but that CPU is rated at DDR1333 Max so to run these modules at their full speed would require the CPU to be over clocked.



I just bought a Crosshair III Formula MB, a 965 BE and a set o 3x2Gb corsair ram (CMG6GX3M3A1600C7) but i can't get them to work: the system doesn't start at all. At first i thought my misstake was that 3 modules would not run, so i tested with two or just one but the system doesn't start as well. I also tried the MemOK! button but after 18 cycles of tryouts (for 2 or 1 modules) i still can't get it to start.

Is there a compatibility problem i'm not aware of?

Could the problem lie elsewhere (like graphic card, power, hdd)?

ANY suggestion that could help me let the system start? (PLEASE!)

Thanks in advance




I've just been told that the kit i bought if for triple channel (intel i7 platform) so i have new questions:

- do they only work togheter or can i get to work at least one or two of them?

- can i buy a single 2gb 1600mhz dominator gt module to get to a 4x2gb configuration and have everything work or is it necessary to change them?

Thanks again

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