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Timing and Voltage Settings for TR3XG1600C7


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I have just built my first computer (see specs in profile). I can get into bios and the motherboards onboard OS. I am having trouble installing win7 home premium 64-bit.


When I put the boot disk in and power up the computer, I get a screen that says windows is loading files. A status bar on the bottom of the screen fills up fast once, and then slowly a second time. From there, it goes to the starting windows screen and freezes. I've left it on overnight, to no avail. I've tried many, many different things and still no dice.


So I called Asus to see if I needed a bios update or something for the motherboard to run Win7. I explained my problem and was told that because my RAM was 1600MHz, I would need to enter RAM timings and voltages into the bios manually in order for the RAM/mobo to work together.


So, I am here looking for the correct timings and voltages to manually enter into bios.


Please help. TIA

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