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are these voltage okay or do i need a bigger wattage psu?


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i recently added another o/c gtx285 to my system which was running on sli with a corsair hx1000w psu, but i noticed the voltages were dipping some worse than others.

just need to be advised if everything looks okay and if not should i get another psu around the 1200w (95amp) range.


5v hovers around the 4.96 never going over that.

3.3v seems to like 3.20v but dips to 3.18 when being used in heavy gaming.

12v seems to hover alternatively between 11.96 to 12.04 when gamming and using all three card in sli for say vantage but lowest 12v has gone was 11.81 which sound too low to me but thats why im asking for advice :@)


by the way iv had no shutdown or system crashing which is a sign of psu not copeing i was told...



these are voltages taken after a system start up and left for 10min to settle in....






this is a screen shot of the voltage in the bios







this is taken just over 3hrs in prime95






this is taken during lynx







my system consists off:


CPU : i7 D0 920 overclocked to 3.96 (21x189)

CPU Cooler : Corsair H50 pump -- connected to mainboard power fan header

Mainboard : Evga x58 Classified E760

Memory : 12Gb DDR3 ******** Pi 'Silver Edition.' 8-8-8-21@1514mhz

Chipset Cooler : Corsair Triple Memory Cooler -- connected to chasis fan header

Storage : 3x 150Gb sata2 Veloraptors (Raid0)

(pci-e x1) X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

(sata) LG 22x dvdwriter/cdr

Corsair 1KW Psu

total Wattage for case on Fans= 40-45W


3-Way Sli

1x Bfg 285 OCFU (712/1620/2664)

2x Zotac 285 AMP (702/1512/2592)



front bays of case


1x nzxt lx fan controller powered via 12v (fans are already taken in to account with toatl fans listed further up the screen


1x alpha cool display lcd (diagnostic) powered via usb


1x lamptron hummer baybus controller (12v) : conneted to this are....

2x sets of ccfl light

10x strip led flexi-lights

3x 8 led lights (random flashing lights)



sorry this is a long thread intro.


thankyou and merry christmas

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thankyou for replying wired.


when you say there within 5% and there fine did that include the 12v dipping to 11.81-11.96 in gaming? oh and since i started this thread my system has rebooted twice without notice :(: talk about opening my mouth :).


what would not be good volts on 3.3v, 5v, 12v what would you look at being bad numbers for these volts?

just so i know thats all as im not really all clued up on good/bad on the psu stuff, i just like to see them closer to what they should be.

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