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H50 installation - dead stop


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I'm trying to install a H50 into my LGA1366 mobo and am experiencing serious problems which I feel are down to the design of the plastic backing plate: when I come to tightening the screws to lock the cooling head in place, one of the screws will not tighten because the female thread on the backplate has come out of the backplate and is rotating. On closer inspection I can see that the plastic backplate has deformed and so the female thread is not locked in place, and so rotates when the screw is tightened.


If the backplate were metal then this wouldn't be a problem. I've been very careful and followed the supplied instructions to the letter and watched the install video.


Can someone from Corsair post me a spare mounting kit including screws and the female threads? Until I can install the cooler my new build is stalled.


I'm in the UK and can supply a postal address on request.


Thanks and regards



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