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TR3X6G1600C9 Unstable at 1600mhz


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Yes I have cleared the CMOS when I installed the latest bios. Tried it on the prior 707 bios as well. I cleared it again and have tried the xmp profile


Changed BLCK to 159

DRAM is now at 1594


Running stable ATM, (Prime95 Blend test) but crashes are always random... I will post if/when it does.


Ran Crysis Warhead for 15 minutes, no problems so far. Good sir, I think you may have found the problem.


Out of curiousity, why would clearing the CMOS help?


Sometimes, the BIOS will retain old settings even after it has been flashed or if you install new memory, a new CPU, etc. All it takes is 1 incorrect setting in there somewhere to cause instability so clearing the CMOS when changing a component sometimes helps.

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