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x256 problems after 3 weeks of use.


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ok so i have the corsair x256 and ive had it for a few weeks now without any problem until now, and now out of the blue my disk disapers.



i first noticed it when i started to download a game via steam, first i thouth it was the game somehow, but i then tryed it with another game and same thing,


steam can download say like 5-10% then my pc frezes and after 1-2min it unfrezes and my disk is gone, and i have to reboot it get it back and i notice ive last the last 3% again.


now ive been the past few hours been downloading 1% pausing it, waiting 10-30sec and another 1% and that works.


so in short 3 weeks without problems and then this, anything i can do to fix it?


if anyone know what the problem is? :o

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Please try and swap the cable with the other drive in your system and see if that follows the cable or stays with the drive if you have not done so.


yes other cables and same cable ive used the last 3 weeks, also i found out after deleting lots of the disk..


before i had about 50gig left on the disk when i got the problem, atm ive got like 130gig and it looks to work fine for some reason,


ive look on the forum and my x256 doesnt have a new firmware, and it dosnet support trim, if that has anything to do with it?

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