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Couple of questions with regards to my firmware update.


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I've ben lurking around this forum for a few months on and off and I've finally registered. Anyway. I've gone ahead and upgraded my firmware on my P64. No real problems apart from having to change the BIOS settings to IDE.


I ghosted my system before I did this, flashed and put my ghost image back on. Everything is working ok but what I want to know is how do I know if TRIM is working on my SSD ? Is there a way of telling that it's working ?


Many thanks for your time,


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Hey Mythril,


If your operating system is Windows 7, TRIM should automatically be enabled. To check, you can run Crystal Disk Info - simply look on the main page of the program after installation (you can change the language in the top) and the word TRIM should be in black as opposed to grey letters. Please note Crystal Disk Info can be fooled, but certainly on my P64 on the old "18" firmware it wasn't in black, but now it is having flashed to "19".




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