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P128 Speed drop after fill over 50% ?


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I just want to know if its normal that on a fresh install of win7 (trim flashed p128) is become slow for write (I just copied some movie file to fill it to 94gb)


Before Installing I even did a HDDerase to factory restore the speed.


so is it normal we are loosing speed with SSD when they are getting filled?

I did not mess with the file (adding + delete). I just added 90gb of data, benchmarked it and the write speed is bad.


Thanks for the infos.

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Thanks for confirming. I wasn't sure if I did something wrong or not.

so I guess I wont fill the drive more than 50%....


For now I have erased those file so Im back at 100gb free space.

But the dirve is still performing poorly... Its weird, the drive is flashed with the firmware that provide TRIM.... I wonder if its actually working or maybe its just take a bit of time before the drive get trimmed.

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It seem on my case the slow down is not normal... My drive is suppose to Write around 180mb/sec

And when I have aprox 50% free disk space, I write at aprox 50mb/sec...


Im currently trying it on a different computer and so far there is no problem.

THe only difference is that the SSD is not the system drive in the second computer.


So I have some option to clear out:

-more than 1 partition problem?

-Bad alligment from the windows 7 installation setup?

-Bad drive?

-Incompatible controleur? ( I have a P5K Deluxe with ICH9R on the problematic machine)

- I also suspect that HDDerase may not completely wipe the entire drive and may maybe wipe only where it `think`there were data..

-Or possible one, I'm over estimating the power of TRIM and its really not that fast to recover those unused block.

and after a window install, I guess may temps file have been moved around. so it may explain why I have problem filling the drive up after my windows install but did not encounter the problem on my second computer.


Ill try using the second computer and have the SSD booting on it next when I feel like it. ( ive reinstall windows more than 10 time today because of my tests :bigeyes: so will do this tomorrow or after Christmas

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I will do soon.

I have learn something about TRIM today is that it doesn't work when the file are getting over written.

So atto is not really good for drive health over time because it create a file keep overwriting it.


Also. My problem seem (gone) when I recover the O.S (from windows backup) in a freshly "secure erased" SSD.


I seem installing Windows on a Secured erase SSD will give problem around a 50% disk use.

So my guest are that maybe the windows installation is doing many overwrite or TRIM is not active at that time.


EDIT: here is the screen from the SSD after O.S recover. Normal performance.



I did not finish my test yet but it seem that we must not install a O.S to the SSD but rather recover the O.S in it instead. so there will be no mess with temp file or file overwriting.


Edit 2: drive has now 30 GB free and write problem start to appear. Ill post ATTO bench in a few minutes.

Here is the shot : http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/545/capture2wt.png

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1 more test I did.


I secure-erase the drive and place it on my second computer and ran HDTACH RW. (it has the ability to sequential read / write the entire disk and being able to do so even with no partition so with this im 100% sure that all block on the drive are ready to be written right away)


here is the result that are encouraging for a healthy SSD.




Im about to do the same thing on my primary computer and see if I get similar result.


Edit: I did the same thing on my primary computer and the result are exactly identical.

So now ill try filling the drive with no O.S on it and see if there is a problem or not.


Edit2: For filling the drive with data, I transfert big file from another computer using a 1gigabit connection. (expecting a +/- 100mb/sec transfert)

and the drive when have approx 30gb free start dropping in speed.

Here is a screen shot of the overal transfert.


At first everything went well and then you can see it, BOOM verry spiky. Of course, I made sure than my network wasnt the problem and it was evident that the SSD was rushing because the IDE light on my computer was always ON while on the rest of the transfert it was flashing normally.

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