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TX750W Intermittent power on


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I bought a TX750 back on November 1st and it's worked relatively well up until about a week ago.


My first encounter with a problem was after leaving the computer off for a few hours. When i pressed the power button the computer powered on for a split second and then remained off. Pressing the power button a few more times didn't do anything.


I had to unplug the power supply and wait a moment before plugging it in and powering it on. At this point it powered on fine and is working.


This continued to happen several times and once the computer shut down while i was playing Dirt 2.


paperclip works as the computer works fine if the computer starts successfully.


this morning i woke up and tried turning the computer on (which was properly shut down the night before). It did not respond at all (not even a brief power on). I unplugged the power supply and replugged it in and it works for now.


any ideas?


edit: on top of that whenever the computer is powered off the psu emits this strange noise for a second. its almost like a rattle but not quite. its hard to explain but it's happened since new. I'm thinking it's the fan but it's definitely the PSU.

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alright, so Corsair received my power supply on December 30 and have yet to do anything with it! Everything including part number received is still N/A. Come on!


I've already purchased a spare PSU which seems to be really nice. I wish you guys would get my Corsair back to me.

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I bought a Corsair TX750W 750-Watt Power Supply from CompUSA 1/24/2009 and it worked fine up until last week. Then it started shutting down intermittently. In order to restart I need to remove the power cord from the back of the PSU and re-seat it ... then it boots up.


This seems similar to what the original thread post described. Do you have any ideas why this would happen? Does something get reset when power cord is removed from PSU? Is there a problem with the contacts?


I also tried multiple cords ... no difference.


Any Help?


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Kkolva, it sounds like it would be just as likely a motherboard issue as a PSU issue. If possible I would test the PSU in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same issues. If so, then lets get the unit replaced!
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