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Benchmark results before and after 4K -> 32K allocation change


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For fun I captured benchmark performance results at 4K allocation and then after an increase to 32K allocation. Why? I'm not sure other than "I can". To be honest it was more of a test to potentially restore the latest backup if I accidently/intentionally erased the disk. Once I start poking around anything goes. Acronis and Carbonite are my friends.


Anyway, attached are benchmarks before and after. Again, I have no expectations for analysis but welcome all comments including the confirmation I wasted my time. :biggrin:


Also, sorry for the craptacular "screen shots". I didn't intend to post the results and had only printed them for reference, but I also think it's kind of funny.





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Thx for the feedback. I agree the numbers are low and that was the motivation for my partial disk tuning. Based on the advice in this forum I had a Parted Magic CD burned and ready to go in case the allocation adjustment went south and I had to recover from scratch. When I'm able to do the erase I'll post back with the new benchmarks. I expect after doing so the numbers will be spectacular like everyone else's!
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Thx. I've learned a lot here and I have a long way to go...


I just stuffed everything into a new case and took advantage of some of its built in cable management. I'm going to be lazy and see if I can do the tasks without using a USB adapter.


Also, I've got a clean Windows 7 install so I have the 100MB boot partition. I've done a tiny bit of research and it sounds like I'll be OK recreating both and doing the format/restore. If the partition is indeed just for booting I may leave it alone unless anyone has a horror story they want to share.

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Wow. It's hard time of year to get quality keyboard time, not to mention a new case and failed power supply. BTW: If you get the urge to buy a Xion power supply I recommend that you choose a company with a good RMA policy.


My SSD has two partitions: The Windows7 hidden boot partition and the Windows7 partition. I used a Parted Magic CD to delete and recreate the partitions and format them NTFS (GParted). In Acronis I restored the entire drive (2 partitions) instead of retoring files. I then ran the benchmark utilities (see attached screenshots). It looks like there was a marginal increase...


I remember seeing a great set of screenshots for this process and will continue looking for them. My concern is that Acronis deleted and recreated the partitions. The allocation stayed at 32K so it may be a moot point.



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