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TX950W and locking up during 3D acceleration.


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I recently bought a Corsair TX950W to replace my Earthwatts 650. The earthwatts powers my current system fine but I have another 4870x2 on the way for quad crossfire and that was my reason for getting the TX950W.


I swapped the powersupply and the computer booted fine on the first try and went right into windows. The first test I did was to load up Prime95 which ran fine for about 5 minutes or so before I quit the program. The next test I did was to run 3dmark06 (only because it loads faster than Vantage) but right when the 3D acceleration starts the computer would freeze and my monitor would go into power saving mode.


Since its all one big 12v rail (right?) and it didn’t have any problems with my 4.4Ghz quad running prime95 (which sucks a ton of juice) I figured it must have been an issue with my 4870x2, so I tried both a single 4850 and a 9800GT each with the same results. I tried each of those two cards with each of the 6 (!) PCI-E power connectors with the same results. I even tried to using molex connectors with an adapter to power a card but it still froze.


I disconnected everything in my system so that the only power cables that were hooked up were the 24-pin and 8-pin motherboard connectors, a single 6-pin PCIE for the 9800GT I was testing with, and one molex for my test hard drive (which I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on just to eliminate that variable). Launching any app or game with 3d acceleration would still cause an instant lock-up.


At that point I put my Earthwatts 650 on the floor next to my rig and hooked it up right there, swapping those same 4 cables (24+8+6+molex) back and forth between the Earthwatts and the Corsair. Everything else in the system remained exactly the same except for swapping those 4 cables. Each time it would work fine with the Earthwatts and would freeze with the corsair.


I should note that at that point I was running my Q9650 at stock settings and with the 9800GT I was barely pulling 250watts according to my kill-a-watt so it should have been a cakewalk for the TX950W.


Any ideas on what might be wrong? I’m really hoping that there is something I missed and that it’s not just a defective PSU (even though all signs point to that). My 2nd 4870x2 is going to arrive in a few days but being the holidays and all I’m sure that if I RMA my TX950W now I probably won’t see it back until mid-January, and my 2nd 4870x2 will have to sit on the shelf until then :(

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When you changed the PSU did you go to BIOS Setup and load setup defaults?

The MB BIOS will regulate the voltages some what and if you did not do that it may not be running properly.


I did not at first, but by the time I was done troubleshooting I had reset everything to defaults and had even reset the CMOS via removing the battery just to be sure.

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First I'd like to say that the whole RMA process was very painless and everyone that has helped me with the RMA has been super nice and helpful, really fabulous customer service.


Unfortunately the 2nd TX950W did not work in my system either. Unlike the first which would freeze upon any 3D acceleration, this one would not even allow the system to boot. It was very odd, my CPU fan was not even spinning up to full blast right away like it usually does right after the computer is powered on.


It can't be a problem with the power supply since it was tested right before it was given to me in person when I drove to Fremont.


Still, this is all really confusing. My friend came over and he has a HX1000W. We swapped powersupplies and the TX950W works fine in his system and the HX1000W works fine in my system. Even just having the 24-pin motherboard connector, 8-pin EPS connector, 2 6-pin PCIE cables, and one molex cable hooked up for testing my computer would boot fine with the HX1000W but not with the TX950W. My friend didn't experience any issues with either.


I'm trying to get him to make the swap permanent, and he is warming up to the idea mainly due to the TX950W having a much smaller footprint and a new design vs the older design of the HX1000W, but he is still afraid that whatever problems I was having will affect him also. I might just have to buy my own HX1000W, but would still like to figure out why my system doesn't like the TX950W.

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