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HX620; can PCI-E Cables go either way?


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Feeling kind of dumb right now, I RMA'd a card, new video card coming in needs 6 pin + 8 pin, while my old card just needed 2x6. No problem, I emailed corsair support and they sent me some new ones, it will take a while no problem I thought.


I was cleaning up my cables today in anticipation of new fans, I unplugged my PCI-E cables which I thought were 6 pin on either side, to my surprise (and perhaps good fortune) they were not.


Can I reverse the direction they go? I have pictures of either ends of the cables


This is one side of a cable




While this is the other side of it




The above side was what originally plugged into my card, while the top image was what was in my PSU. The new card would require me to flip this around, and put the side that use to enter my card into my PSU.


Can they flip around? Or should i just wait until the corsair cables arrive.


Thanks a load!

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Thanks for the speedy reply!


What do you mean by split apart? The one end I wanted to turn around is 6+2 but only 6 of them plugged in. I decided to ask here because a few people told me it would be fine but I do not want to risk it, can't afford that

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