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TW3X4G1333C9A and Asus P7P55D lockups


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This combination was recommended (and built) by my local vendor.

I was *not* able to install WindowsXP or Windows 7.

I was able to install Linux, but it had lots

of random freezes/reboots. With speedstep/turboboost i got

reproducible errors (when compiling things). Without

speedstep/turboboost i was able to compile the kernel and more.

I checked the memory, it has no errors.

Then i raised the dram voltage from [auto=1.533] to 1.65v.

Now its stable!

I was able to install windows, everything is running fine,

in linux as well, including speedstepping and turboboost.

Seems solved.

The question is, is it recommended to run the ram with a higher

voltage in the long run?

Do you probably have other recommendations/hints what i could

do to make things run stable? I dont want no overclocking,

just a stable box.

Thank you.

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