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Your Corsair H50 improve temp?


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My Corsair H50 is actally improvement temps after that! ;):


I like to share with you about my Link Depot of the powerful fan 120x120x38mm-AC-115Volt. I made wires on my own. I just connected the fan to terminal block and the power cord plug. I just tested it. whoa! It is truly fast fan like A JET ENGINE and a dominate flow like a very cold.




You wonder it makes a noise or loud or quiet from high speed fan, if you ask me. unfortunately I cant hear any noise, due a deaf since I was born. Not Kidding.. ;)


According Someone says if It will connects to motherboard, High speed fan will kill the components with it. because of high volt/ AC or something.. I don't know if thats true.





I installed the superpower fan on the outside back of case with two fans on radiator.



Previous pull/push temp-20-24c without superpower fan. Now its actually drop from 20-24 to 15-18c with superpower fan and two pull-push . that seems little improvement temp!



Warning: DONT put your finger into it. it will be very hurt as hell! thats what I did. but good thing that it did not cut my finger, ha!

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