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i'll briefly explaine how i got to this :


first off after weeks of testing the only way i could get my xms3 kit's stable was using an ICM voltage of 1.25volts (that was when i wanted to use 8gig) , i opted not to use this as i was worried it may damage the CPU, the xmp setting was only 1.1 for each kit .. i had random lock-ups, blue screens you name it even down to system resetting its self. all that stopped when using the 1.25volt setting on the IMC.


i ended up replace'n kits with different a brand,with the new brand i went in bios selected XMP and i couldnt beleave what i saw, the XMP setting for the IMC was 1.25 volts ..damn lol after all the bad problems i had with the xm3 kits with there xmp IMC voltage setting of 1.1volts the 1.25volts for the IMC fixed my problems for thoses kits, i can now asume i could of kept the xm3 kits and ran the IMC at 1.25volts.


i have tested the new brand of ram with the IMC set at 1.1Volts and while surfing the net my system hardlocked pc was on running stable for about 2-3 hours before the hardlock with its ICM set at 1.25volts i had system running all last night and all day today no problems (lets hope it stays that way)


if you are having the unstable system problem this is at the very least worth a try because you probs tried everything else anyway lol good luck :D

so it seems to me it's the IMC voltage thats the key

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