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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 on an Intel DP55WG board


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I just finished assembling a new system this afternoon (specs are on my profile) and the system will not POST. The Intel DP55WG motherboard has an LED display to show the POST codes as the system boots.


When powering on my system, I get three beeps indicating a memory problem. The code displayed on the POST LED is "21" which according to Intel's documentation means "MRC entry point."


I have tried reseating the modules and switching them between channels without any success.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you try the modules one at a time and did you get the same results with either modules one up?

I did, there was no change.


I took the two Corsair modules to the store I purchased them from for testing, and the modules are indeed fine. The issue appears to be with the motherboard, it appears the DIMM slots on the motherboard do not work whatsoever.


I have contacted Intel for an RMA to replace this defective motherboard.


Thanks for your assistance though. I've never had a problem with Corsair in the past, should have known better :p: ;):

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