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Dodgy memory stick?


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Hi folks

Been having the odd crash/glitch, so thought I'd test my memory.

I have 2 kits of TR3X6G1600C9 - totalling 12gb - I bought it from overclockers.co.uk on November 20th.

I didn't have any luck with memtest86+ v4.0 (hanged at 'Loading.....') so gave Windows Memory Diagnostic a try. I tested each of the 6 sticks individually and all seemed ok except one which had errors on the first pass. It failed on the WMATS+ and WINVC tests, I don't know exactly what these mean, but I gather that there shouldn't be ANY errors - so I guess the stick is kaput?

I'm just not sure if I should pursue this with Corsair or Overclockers (I've left a message on their forums too).

Also, only one of the sticks seems to be dodgy but I suppose if I went the RMA route I'd need to send the whole 3 stick kit right? Trouble is both kits have got a little mixed up now - I've got six sticks and I don't know which went in which 3 stick package.

Any help would be most welcome


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Thanks for the reply RAM GUY

Here are what I guess are the lot codes for the six sticks (printed above the bar code on each stick):

6873549 09421322

6873550 09421322

6873574 09421322 (This is the one with errors)

6873575 09421322

6873576 09421322

6873577 09421322


The failing sticks number does seem part of a sequence, but it's a sequence of four, so one of the sticks must've been in the other kit.

I've got just 6873575, 6873576 and 6873577 running in the machine now (I don't need 12gb for the moment) as they are the only three of the working sticks that are sequential - so I'm assuming they'll go well together.

If I were to RMA the faulty 6873574 stick, which of the other two should I also send?

And maybe I should try overclockers.co.uk first?

Also, going right back to the beginning, the errors detected in Windows Memory Diagnostic - during the WMATS+ and WINVC tests - do they really indicate something serious being wrong, or could I probably overlook them?

Thanks :)

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