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Event ID 11 controller error on Corsair Voyager


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I just noticed that whenever I insert a Corsair Voyager stick, I get a row of 4 Event ID 11s in the System Event Log, detailing a controller error on the stick. The "harddisk" that the errors are detected on, DR2 in the example below, changes depending on what USB port I use (DR2, DR3, DR4, DR5, etc) and the time matches, so it's no question that it's the USB stick that causes it.


The errors are logged every time I attach a Corsair VoyagerGT 16GB or a Corsair Voyager 32GB. Strangely enough, it doesn't happen when I use a USB stick of a different brand.


Now, this only happens on a computer I got running Windows 7 64 bit. There's no errors logged on any of my other computers running XP. And I've used my Corsair sticks for a long time without any problems whatsoever, and other than the errors logged, they work fine on the Windows 7 computer in question also. Absolutely no transfer or speed problems, so no complaints there.


I'm mostly curious if anyone else gets these errors in their logs, and what causes them. I suppose Windows 7 might be up to no good, but it's odd nonetheless.


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