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benefit of DOMINATOR memory Question in a non OC'd board


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In a typical i7 p55 stock system does the more expensive ram such as the dominator RAM make a noticeable difference in system performance if you are not overclocking? Does the better heat sink make it more “stable”? If it does, that would imply the normal RAM is not stable and does not operate reliably at the rated specifications.


I am putting together a new PC and am not sure what spending the extra $$ on Dominator gives if you are not overclocking. I can get 8 gig total memory for ~200 but in Dominator it would cost about $300. What would spending the extra 100 give me other than a lighter pocket?


The regular memory would be the CMX4GX3M2A1600C9

The Dominator would be TW3X4G1600C9D




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Thats what I don't get. If the Dominators have better heat spreaders but the other one are stable, why pay more for the Dominators? Are the Dominators only justified for overcloking?


Also, the point about getting a 8 gig pack... I guess thats why the one 8 gig pack (4 sticks of 2Gig) costs more than two packs of 2 2Gig modules.

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