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After Beta Testing of P128 firmware update, will it work on Apple?


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I have just seen that Corsair is testing a beta of a firmware update. It states that those using Apple won't be able to benefit from this update until beta testing is completed. I have the latest firmware so my question is: When the testing is over, will there be a system of either garbage collecting or Trim that will eradicate the performance degradation on my Macbook Pro?

Is this the main aim of the update currently being worked on?

My current firmware is VBM18C1Q


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Actually it would be up to Apple at this point, and I am sure they are working with all SSD Manufacturers to improve the Mac O.S. functions and features with every aspect including SSD's, especially since they are selling some Mac Book Pro's with SSD drives. However, this question would be better addressed at Apple. Apple does not operate the same as Microsoft and Intel based systems.
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