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Problems with TX650W


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We had a problem with our TX650W PSU where the fan would spin up for only a few seconds, and then stop. The power supply would heat up to very high temperatures and - presumably halted half-way through start-up. We also tried the "paperclip test", whereby a paperclip is used in the ATX cable and no other components are connected. The same thing happened; the fan spun up and then quickly died.


Although the Corsair website wasn't completely clear on what was normal fan behaviour - aside from either spinning continuously or not spinning at all - we assumed that the power supply was faulty.


We then sent the supply back to the retailer, Scan, to have it replaced. Scan however claim to have tested the power supply and found no problem whatsoever. They are able to start up Windows and log in on their test machine and also claim that the PSU fan spins continuously through the whole boot-up process.


Is it likely or even possible that some other component in our system had messed with the PSU fan action?



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