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Sapphire AM3 790GX and TW3X4G1333C9DHX


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Hi all,


got dozens of freezes since I installed the 4GB sticks. Used 2x1G of the same type before (shop sent wrong RAM), without major problems (2 or three freezes in a couple of weeks).


Now, after installing new sticks, nearly every Windows start ends up in a freeze. Strange though, that I happend to play hours GTA4 without crashes, so its not depending on load. Also booting from Win7 DVD or Safe mode causes problems, so I guess the new RAM is the culprit. Windows RAM test passed, however.


I'm running the RAM at spec, i.e. 1333 MHz with 9-9-9-24 @ 1.6V. Tried different slots, only one stick, nothing helps.


Skipping through this forum makes me think, that the Memory Controller can't handle this RAM at its settings.


MoBo is designed for DDR3-1333, so is the CPU (see my system specs for more info).


I will flash the BIOS and do some Memtest86+ runs with adjusting voltages (RAM).


What are your advices? Adjusting other voltages too? Are there known issues with the 790GX chipset or the Sapphire MoBo or even the Phenom II X4?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,


I tried a number of tests, altering DIMM voltage (1.49 - 1.85 V), speed (800 - 1333 MHz) and CPU-NB voltage (Default, -50, +50, +100 mV). RAM is specified for 1.5 V, 1333 9-9-9-24 (vers. 3.2), 2x2 GB


I ran memtest86+ and prime95 (using 3200 MB for it)


The bottom line:


memtest86+ didn't find any errors at all speeds or voltages


prime95 results:

800 MHz:

stable with 1.49 V


1066 MHz:

unstable until 1.61 V

stable with 1.65 V and higher


1333 MHz

unstable until 1.85 V


CPU-NB voltage seems to have no import on stability at all. I tried also configurations with higher NB voltage and lower DIMM voltage, since someone stated, that sometimes the difference of these two potentials may cause instability.


I'm really desperate since I aint got any idea left how to get it right @ 1333 (what I paid for). Do you guys got any hints for me? Anyone?

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Since I ain't got any support or feedback from corsair, I returned the RAM to the vendor. Now I use ********, everything's working fine.


I am quite disappointed, I used Corsair for years, but now they lost a customer.



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